I’ve personally come across many cat trees over the years, but the FEANDREA Cat Tree for Cats is truly impressive.

This indoor cat tower boasts a range of features that are sure to satisfy even the pickiest of our feline friends. From the widened top perch to the cozy cat cave, every aspect of this cat tree has been designed with cats’comfort and enjoyment in mind.

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One of the standout features of this cat tree is the widened top perch, which measures a generous 22 inches in width. This plush and extra-large top lounger offers prime relaxation for your feline friends, and the raised edge provides a sense of security for those cats who prefer to be perched up high.

The thickened scratch and stretch posts are also a great addition to the cat tree, wrapped with natural sisal rope to allow nail scratching and promote exercise.

In addition to the top perch and scratching posts, the FEANDREA Cat Tree for Cats also features a dual condo playhouse, creating the perfect hide-out and napping spot for your active kittens and cats.

The cozy and spacious cat cave is another favorite of mine, providing a quiet place to get some catnaps, a retreat for shy cats, or a perfect spot for hide-and-seek.

  FEANDREA Large Cat Tree


One thing I really appreciate about this cat tree is the level of comfort it offers at every step. The entire tree is fully covered with soft plush fabric, ensuring your furry friends feel comfortable wherever they stay, from the cave to the perch.

Stability is also a top priority for the FEANDREA team, with battens at the bottom to strengthen the tree’s structure. Anti-toppling fittings are also included for double security, providing peace of mind for both you and your cats.

FEANDREA also provides professional customer service both before and after your purchase, which is always a plus in my book. They even include a few notes with the cat tree to ensure you get the most out of your purchase, including tips on placement and safety.


  • Wide top perch is perfect for large or chubby cats
  • Thick sisal scratching posts promote exercise and nail care
  • Cozy cat cave provides a comfortable and secure hideaway
  • Soft plush fabric throughout ensures comfort at every step
  • Anti-toppling fittings provide added stability and safety
  • Professional customer service offered by FEANDREA


  • May not be suitable for households with very active or destructive cats
  • Assembly can be challenging for some users
  • Some cats knock off the little thin removable topper

Overall, the FEANDREA Cat Tree for Cats is a top-notch product that I would highly recommend to any cat owner. It’s perfect for large or chubby cats, promotes exercise and nail scratching, and provides a cozy and comfortable place for cats to relax and play.

If you’re in the market for a new cat tree, the FEANDREA Cat Tree for Cats is an excellent choice that you will hardly regret.


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