The Star Wars saga has captured the imaginations of generations of fans ever since the first film premiered in 1977. With lovable characters, epic storylines, and iconic imagery, it’s no wonder the franchise maintains such an enthusiastic following to this day!

the top 15 star wars gifts for menFor male Star Wars devotees, there’s no shortage of amazing gifts on the market to show their fandom. From clothing to collectibles to home accessories, the options run the gamut.

If you have a Star Wars guy in your life and aren’t sure what to get him, look no further. We’ve rounded up 15 can’t-miss Star Wars gifts that any fan is sure to love.

Whether they want to proudly display their allegiance or add to their stash of must-have memorabilia, these best-selling Star Wars goodies will delight.

1. Mattel Games UNO Star Wars Card Game

This is a themed version of the classic UNO card game that incorporates characters and elements from the popular Star Wars franchise. The deck features artwork depicting iconic characters like Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader, and stormtroopers.

Each card also has a special action that can be used instead of matching the color or number, drawing from UNO’s traditional gameplay. These special actions are Star Wars-themed, such as making other players quote movie lines or do mock battles with pretend light sabers.

Overall this is a fun way to introduce Star Wars characters to UNO or vice versa, depending on which franchise he’s already into.

The special action cards add an element of surprise and roleplaying to the traditional number/color matching. It makes for a quick game that both Star Wars and non-fans can enjoy.

2. LED Glowing Light Saber Star Wars Chop Sticks

These chopsticks pay homage to one of the most iconic weapons in the Star Wars universe – the light saber. They feature realistic LED light saber designs along the handle that actually light up different colors.

Made of durable plastic, they are designed to be used exactly like traditional chopsticks but with a fun Star Wars twist. The lights are activated by a simple button cell battery replacement (included).

Whether using them for everyday meals or just for imaginative play, these glow-in-the-dark chopsticks will be a hit for any Star Wars fan. They make eating with traditional Asian utensils feel like a true Jedi experience. Fun for all ages!

A unique and affordable way to add a dash of galaxy far, far away atmosphere to any meal or snack time. Great for kids, collectors, or any Star Wars lover.

3. Star Wars Mad Libs: World’s Greatest Word Game book

This Mad Libs book puts a galaxy far, far away spin on the classic fill-in-the-blank word game. Players take turns choosing nouns, adjectives, verbs and other parts of speech to complete funny Star Wars stories.

It includes well-known scenes and characters from the original trilogy to create silly narratives with user-supplied words. Fans can have laughs imagining Darth Vader doing absurdist verb actions or random creatures nouning absurd things.

With pages dedicated to Luke, Leia, the Empire, Jabba and more, there’s plenty of material to fuel the hilarious improvised tales. It’s a fun way for Star Wars buffs of all ages to spend time creatively together or alone.

Portable and affordable, this book provides endlessly re-playable entertainment. Whether you’re a life-long fan or new to the saga, the plain absurdity of the modified stories is universally funny. A great choice for car trips, lazy days or lighthearted fandom bonding.

4. Star Wars The Mandalorian Grogu This is The Way T-Shirt

This casual t-shirt celebrates one of the most beloved characters from the hit Star Wars series The Mandalorian – the adorable alien baby known as Grogu or “Baby Yoda”.

It features a graphic of Grogu seated in his floating pod beside the classic Mandalorian phrase “This is the way”. With his big eyes and angular features, Grogu is depicted in his trademark fuzzy green self.

Made from lightweight cotton, it provides loads of visibility for expressing fandom while being comfortable enough for all-day wear. The simple yet iconic design ensures everyone will recognize this as a Star Wars tee at a glance.

Great for wearing to conventions, movie marathons or just casually showing off to fellow fans, this hip tee declares your guy’s allegiance to one of the cutest characters in the Star Wars galaxy. This is the way!

5. Manco 3 Pattern 16 Colors 3D Star Wars Night Light Lamp

This night light immerses Star Wars fans in an out of this world light show featuring 3 vibrant 3D patterns inspired by the iconic film franchise (Death Star + R2-D2 + Millennium Falcon).

Kids and adults alike will love gazing up at the silhouette displays, transported to a galaxy far, far away. Great for dreamy bedtime camping or to add atmosphere to any Star Wars collectible display.

Running on USB power or 1 CR2 battery (included), it provides wonderful visual ambiance without disruptive brightness. Plus the auto-changing function keeps patterns fresh all night.

A unique gift that will wow any Star Wars buff young or old. Perfect for birthdays or just to fuel the imagination after lights out in any Star Wars dedicated room. May the force be with your sleep!

6. BonneChance New Baby Y-oda Toothpaste Topper


As one of the breakout stars of The Mandalorian series, Grogu’s adorable facial expression never gets old. Having him help with daily dental care makes brushing feel more like playtime.

Made of durable plastic that’s BPA and phthalate free, it securely seals underneath to avoid spills or drying out. Simply twist off the regular cap and replace with this Yoda topper.

A unique way for Star Wars fans both young and old to express their fandom in the bathroom. Adds levity to what’s sometimes a choreary task and may even encourage thorough brushing.

Comes in a nice gift box too. Whether as a stocking stuffer, birthday gift or just for fun, it’s sure to bring a smile. This is the cute way!

7. 4D Build, Star Wars R2-D2 Cardstock Model Kit

Fans of the pint-sized droid R2-D2 will love this unique build-it-yourself keepsake. With 201 cardstock pieces and simple instructions, assembling this detailed replica is a satisfying craft project perfect for Star Wars buffs of all ages.

Although it requires no tools, the model kit presents an engaging challenge to precisely pop out and piece together the panels that bring the heroic astromech bot into three-dimensional form.

Once constructed, the highly poseable R2-D2 displayed on the included stand makes an authentic addition for desktops, shelves or collector cabinets. His realistic proportions and weathered finish authentically capture the movie version.

Whether you’re looking for creative indoor activity or want to show off your fandom, this 4D Build kit is sure to be appreciated by those with a soft spot for the scrappy astromech. May the crafts be with you!

8. Papyrus Funny Star Wars Birthday Card

Any Star Wars fan will howl with laughter receiving this one-of-a-kind birthday card from Papyrus. It depicts the beloved Wookiee Chewbacca swinging a cake overhead with comedic timing that only he could achieve.

High-quality foil, gems, and dimensional textures bring the scenescape to life, while the stitched accents emulate Chewie’s signature vocalizations. Even the blue envelope and “Wookiee lining” deliver extra giggles.

As a premium card, it’s as fun to send as it is to receive. Inside, a playful message translates Chewie’s birthday wishes literally. Fans will want to display this collectible card long after the celebrations end.

Whether you’re looking to spread laughs or show your Star Wars fandom, this is one birthday greeting that’s sure to hit the mark.

9. Dr. Squatch The Soap Star Wars Soap Collection

Perfect for the Star Wars aficionado seeking the galaxy’s finest self-care products to join their collection. This is soap opera fit for Jedi masters.

Housed beautifully in a custom clamshell box with original graphics, 4 cold-process natural bar soaps offer nourishing cleansing with coconut, shea and clay. Scented authentically with naturally-derived fragrances to immerse fans fully in the saga.

As with all Dr. Squatch products, these soaps are crafted without harsh chemicals or synthetic preservatives – just premium natural ingredients formulated especially for men’s skincare needs.

A thoughtful gift that pampers both body and fandom, this limited series soap set is sure to be proudly displayed long after its generous bars have been fully enjoyed. May the cleansing be with you!

10. Northwest Star Wars Micro Raschel Throw Blanket

Wrap yourself in the dark side of the Force with this plush Star Wars throw depicting iconic villain Darth Vader. Its vivid black and red graphic printed edge to edge makes a bold statement.

Crafted from luxuriously soft 100% polyester microfiber, this generously sized blanket is cozy enough for hearty movie marathons on the couch. Fully licensed for authentic details, it offers true fans premium decor to warm their nest.

With ample size and versatility for indoors or outdoors, this high-quality blanket provides comfort wherever it’s used. Low-maintenance too – just toss it in the wash for easy refreshing between uses.

Whether you seek to channel your inner Sith or add nerdy flair to any room, this collector’s item is sure to please. May the snug be with you, always and forever!

11. Star Wars Darth Vader Build The Empire Graphic T-Shirt

Add some dark side flair to your wardrobe with this subtle yet ultra-detailed Star Wars graphic tee. Its expansive design features iconic villain Darth Vader towering over an Imperial fleet along with a “Build The Empire” motto.

Fans will have fun spotted references to dozens of characters, ships, droids and more hidden throughout the ambitious landscape. With new discoveries to be made every viewing, it offers endless entertainment for diehard Star Wars buffs.

Casual and crewneck in fit, this quality cotton tee provides all-day comfort whether worn for marathoning the saga or adding a dash of nerdy style anywhere. Laundering by hand is recommended for best care of its intricate printwork.

Whether signaling allegiance to the Empire or expressing major fandom subtly, this tee is sure to spark joy and discussion. A perfect choice for any Star Wars admirer seeking outfit upgrades within the Force.

12. Wooden Hand Crank Star Wars Music Box 

Transport fans into a galaxy far, far away with this charming wooden Star Wars music box. Turning the vintage-style crank plays iconic theme melodies to spark fond memories of favorite scenes and characters.

Handcrafted from quality wood, its compact design incorporates meticulous detail carvings that Star Wars devotees will admire. Seeming as much a display collectible as a functional toy, it adds nostalgic atmosphere to any area.

No batteries needed – just good old-fashioned manual winding powers this music maker for experiences both young and old can enjoy. Its portability also makes it a wonderful gift that keeps on giving auditory entertainment.

As a desktop accessory, conversation piece or holiday present, this music box captures essence of the saga through iconic songs. It’s sure to be a cherished memento for die-hard fans both current and future.

13. Star Wars Chewbacca Classic Lined Clogs

Roar with comfort in these signature Chewbacca-inspired clogs from Crocs. Lined tastefully with faux fur like the Wookiee’s shaggy coat, they keep feet toasty through any Dagobah swamp or Hoth blizzard.

Customizable with 5 collectible Jibbitz charms celebrating the beloved warrior and Jedi, these slip-ons allow fans to proudly rep their allegiance to Han and the Rebellion everywhere they roam.

Officially licensed for authenticity, they allow wearers to channel their inner Chewie no matter gender or size. Lightweight and easy like the Millennium Falcon, these clogs are perfect for lounging or light adventuring in the Star Wars universe.

Whether seeking coziness, cultural clout or a perfectly quirky gift, fans are sure to howl with delight over these plush Crocs. May the comfort be with you, always!

14. Novelstuffs Darth Vader Pen Holder

Any Star Wars fanatic will appreciate this unique 3D printed pen holder depicting iconic villain Darth Vader. Precisely designed to capture his ominous prestige, it makes the perfect desktop accessory.

At a finely detailed 4.5 inches tall, this officially licensed collectible imposes Vader’s legendary presence wherever pens and other small items need storage. Its sturdy construction holds items securely within the Dark Lord’s clutches.

Crafted from environmentally-friendly PLA plastic, it offers a striking statement piece that’s also remarkably lightweight. Whether seeking functional fandom decor or an offbeat gift, this pen holder is sure to please the Dark Side’s biggest loyalists.

Save the galaxy from ink spills by keeping writing tools on hand with the commanding Darth Vader. Now there’s an organizational tool any loyal Sith follower would be proud to call their own.

15. JoyJolt Star Wars Helmet Hues Tumblers Stemless Glasses

Fans of all ages can sip in style with this intricately detailed set of Star Wars drinking glasses. Each 19 oz stemless tumbler pays tribute to iconic helmeted characters like Darth Vader, Boba Fett and Stormtroopers.

Crafted from reliably sturdy glass, their weighted bottoms ensure drinks remain spill-proof wherever the cantina party moves to next. Laser-etched decals will endure through countless victory celebrations or battle losses in your home.

Presented beautifully boxed for gifting, this 4-piece collectible set invites imaginative adventures through a galaxy far, far away. May the refreshments be with you on your journeys!

Whether fueling movie marathons or adding nerdy flair to parties, these reliable tumblers let fans champion their clan aloud or quietly. A welcome upgrade for any Star Wars aficionado’s barware.

Wrapping Up

Whether seeking decorative displays, comfortable accessories, novel foods or beverages, creative crafts or educational entertainment, these diverse Star Wars-themed products offer fun ways for fans of all ages to engage with the galaxy far, far away.

With options suiting every interest and budget, any loyal follower of the saga is sure to find immerse ways to express their fandom through these well-designed items.

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