When it comes to finding a truly one-of-a-kind gift for someone special, the Folding Photo Locket Necklace should be at the top of your list. This gorgeous piece of jewelry not only offers a touch of elegance, but it also provides a personalized touch that will make it a treasured memory for years to come.

Whether it’s for a special occasion or just because, this locket is the ultimate way to show someone how much you care.


Features & Benefits

1. Expanded Photo Capacity

Traditionally, lockets would hold two small photographs close to the heart. However, this locket redefines the game with its unique heart-shaped design that unfolds to reveal space for not two, but four of your most cherished photographs.

That means more room for those precious moments that warm your heart. Whether it’s images of your loved ones or snapshots of unforgettable places, this locket lets you carry your memories with you.

2. Professional Photo Etching

You’d want your treasured memories to be presented in the best possible light, and that’s where the Folding Photo Locket Necklace truly shines. Your photos can be professionally etched inside the locket, ensuring a long-lasting and crystal-clear image.

Say goodbye to faded or blurry pictures – your memories deserve nothing less than the best, and this locket delivers just that.

3. Durability and Elegance

Crafted with precision, the locket itself is made of solid brass, adding a touch of sturdiness and durability to your delicate memories. To further enhance its appeal, the chain and clasps are gold-plated brass.

This combination ensures not only the longevity of your locket but also makes it an eye-catching piece of jewelry. Versatile in both design and material, it’s suitable for any outfit or occasion.

4. Personalization Options

The personal touch can transform a beautiful piece of jewelry into a sentimental keepsake. If you want to make your locket even more special, you have the option to engrave the back with a name or initials. With five gorgeous font styles to choose from, you can truly make it your own.

The locket can accommodate a maximum of four words, allowing you to add a meaningful touch to your keepsake. It’s the perfect way to create a one-of-a-kind piece that reflects your individuality.

5. Gift Wrapping and Personal Messages

For those considering the Folding Photo Locket Necklace as a gift, there’s an extra layer of thoughtfulness offered. The creators are happy to provide beautiful gift wrapping for the locket, taking your gift presentation up a notch.

But the personalization doesn’t stop there; you can also include a heartfelt message. The message will be printed on a charming hand-drawn notecard, adding an extra layer of sweetness and personal connection to your gift.

folding photo locket necklace


What Customers Say

Aubrey, a visitor from the United States, shared that during a recent trip to see her long-distance boyfriend, she decided to choose a locket to hold their pictures. Although they didn’t have many cute pictures, she selected her favorites.

She expressed her delight with the outcome, appreciating that the photos were focused on their faces, which is exactly what she wanted. Despite a slight delay in shipping from the United States, Aubrey adores the necklace.

Kayden Hamlin, also from the US, commended the remarkable details and the evident love and effort put into crafting the locket. The picture quality greatly impressed Kayden, and they are genuinely pleased with the result. Kayden highly recommends this locket.

A user with the handle CranberryMartini from Canada expressed their contentment with the purchase. They were particularly pleased with how well the photos turned out, with each face centered and the images in proportion to each other.

The locket matched the description perfectly. What made this purchase stand out for CranberryMartini was the service of having the photos placed inside the locket. Surprisingly, the shipping to Vancouver, BC, Canada was faster than expected.


  • Solid brass with gold-plated chain and clasps for durability
  • Heart-shaped locket holds four photos, not just two
  • Professional etching ensures clear and lasting photos
  • Versatile design allows for both short and long wear
  • Engraving option with five elegant fonts for a personalized touch
  • Thoughtful gift wrapping and personal message options available


  • A few users claimed the locket may not always shut securely
  • It’s a bit chunkier than some may prefer, so if you’re looking for something dainty, this may not be the best choice
  • Occasionally, shipping may take longer than the advertised dates

Final Verdict

In conclusion, the Folding Photo Locket Necklace is the perfect gift for anyone who loves personal and unique jewelry. With the ability to hold four photos, engrave a name or initials, and add a personal message, this locket is sure to be a treasured possession for years to come.

The depth of personalization, the timeless design, and the dedication to quality all come together to create a piece that’s more than just a necklace – it’s a repository of memories, a conversation starter, and a truly unique way to keep your loved ones close to your heart. We wholeheartedly recommend it.


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