Gender reveal parties have become a popular way to share the exciting news of a baby’s gender with friends and family. Whether you’re the guest of honor or attending one, you might wonder, “What should I bring?” Well, fret not, as we’ve compiled a comprehensive list to guide you through this special occasion.

parents hosting a gender reveal party

What to Bring Along to a Gender Reveal Party

A gender reveal party is a unique and joyful event that calls for thoughtful contributions. Here’s a list of what you could bring:

  • A Thoughtful Gift

As we’ll see later, one of the central elements of a gender reveal party is the big reveal itself. Bring a gift that aligns with the gender that will be announced. For example, if it’s a girl, consider bringing pink baby clothes or accessories.

  • Decorations

Help set the mood with decorations that match the chosen color for the gender reveal. Balloons, streamers, and banners are great choices.

  • Appetizers and Snacks

Everyone loves to nibble on delicious treats. Finger foods like mini sandwiches, chips, and dip are excellent options.

  • Non-Alcoholic Drinks

Keep in mind that not all guests may drink alcohol, so provide a variety of non-alcoholic beverages.

  • A Camera

Capture the reactions of the parents-to-be and the guests when the gender is revealed. You can create wonderful memories with photos and videos.

  • Gender-Neutral Option

If you’re unsure about the baby’s gender, consider bringing a gift that is suitable for both boys and girls, such as baby essentials or a gift card.

  • Enthusiasm

Lastly, bring your positive energy and excitement. A gender reveal party is all about sharing in the joy of the parents-to-be, so be ready to celebrate.

guests at a gender reveal party

Gift Ideas for a Gender Reveal Party

Choosing the perfect gift for a gender reveal party can be a delightful and thoughtful gesture. Here, we’ve compiled a list of ten unique gift ideas to ensure your contribution to the celebration is memorable and heartwarming.

1. Personalized Items

A personalized gift adds a special touch to the occasion. Consider items like a custom baby onesie or a blanket with the baby’s name or a sweet message. Personalized baby gifts show your attention to detail and thoughtfulness.

2. Baby Books

Encourage early literacy and create cherished moments with board books or classic children’s stories. These gifts not only provide entertainment but also foster a love for reading from a young age.

3. Diapers and Wipes

Practical and always in demand, a bundle of diapers and baby wipes is a gift that parents will truly appreciate. Opt for high-quality brands to ensure the baby’s comfort.

4. Baby Care Products

Assemble a gift basket with essential baby care products like baby shampoo, lotion, and gentle soaps. These items are a necessity and make for a practical and considerate gift.

5. Baby Gear

Group gifts, such as strollers, car seats, or cribs, can be a fantastic choice. These are often more expensive items, and contributing to these essentials can greatly ease the financial burden on the new parents.

6. Gift Cards

Sometimes, the best gift is the flexibility to choose. Gift cards to baby stores or online retailers are a versatile option that allows the parents to select exactly what they need for their newborn.

7. Baby Clothes

Adorable baby outfits are a classic choice. Whether it’s tiny socks, onesies, or cute little hats, baby clothes are both practical and heartwarming.

baby clothes as presents for a gender party

8. Memory Keepsakes

Consider gifting memory keepsakes such as a baby footprint kit or a picture frame designed to capture the baby’s first moments. These thoughtful gifts help create lasting memories.

9. Baby Monitor

For a more tech-savvy gift, a baby monitor is an excellent option. It provides peace of mind for the new parents by allowing them to keep a close eye on their baby, even from another room.

10. Parenting Books

Gift a book that offers guidance and support for new parents. Look for titles that cover topics like parenting tips, baby care, or sleep training. These resources can be invaluable to first-time parents.

With these ten gift ideas, you have a range of options to choose from, ensuring that your gift stands out and is cherished by the parents-to-be. Whether you opt for practicality or sentimentality, your thoughtful gesture will be a meaningful part of the gender reveal party celebration.

Etiquette and Tips

When attending a gender reveal party, it’s essential to follow some simple etiquette and tips to ensure that you and the expecting parents have a smooth and enjoyable experience. Here’s a more detailed look at some key guidelines:

RSVP Promptly

As soon as you receive an invitation to a gender reveal party, make it a priority to RSVP promptly. Your response helps the host plan for the number of guests, food, and seating arrangements. This courtesy reflects your consideration for the host’s preparations.

Respect the Parents’ Wishes

It’s important to respect the parents’ preferences regarding the gender reveal. Some parents may choose not to know the gender themselves until the party, while others may prefer it to be a surprise for everyone.

If you are aware of any specific wishes, be sure to honor them. It’s their special moment, and your understanding goes a long way.

Timing Matters

Arriving on time is crucial to fully enjoy the excitement of the gender reveal. Being punctual ensures that you witness the big reveal without any spoilers. Remember, the reveal is often the highlight of the party, so don’t miss it.

Appropriate Dress

Dressing appropriately for the occasion is a sign of respect for the hosts and the importance of the event. Check if there is a specific dress code mentioned in the invitation, and try to adhere to it. If not, opt for smart-casual attire. You can also consider wearing something that matches the color theme of the gender reveal.

dressing appropriately for the occasion

Kids at the Party

If you plan to bring children to the party, it’s a good idea to check with the host in advance. Some gender reveal parties may be adults-only, especially if there are activities like fireworks or alcohol involved. By confirming with the host, you can avoid any potential complications and ensure a pleasant experience for everyone.

Bring Extra Supplies

While the host will make every effort to provide for the guests, bringing some additional supplies can be helpful. A small stash of extra napkins, utensils, or even an additional camera can be a lifesaver. It shows your consideration for the host’s efforts and ensures that the party runs smoothly.

By following these etiquette and tips, you contribute to the overall enjoyment of the gender reveal party for both the expecting parents and the guests. Your thoughtfulness and respect for the occasion create a positive and harmonious atmosphere, making the celebration a truly memorable experience for everyone involved.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) on the Gender Reveal Party

Do I need to know the baby’s gender in advance to bring an appropriate gift?

No, it’s not necessary to know the baby’s gender in advance to select an appropriate gift for a gender reveal party. Many parents opt to keep the gender a surprise until the party, and in such cases, gender-neutral gifts are ideal.

You can consider items like soft blankets, unisex baby clothing, or practical gift cards that allow the parents to choose what they need once the baby arrives.

What if I can’t attend the party in person? How can I still be part of the celebration?

If you can’t attend the gender reveal party in person, there are still meaningful ways to be part of the celebration. Consider sending a thoughtful gift or a heartfelt message to the parents-to-be.

Many people choose to send a gift via mail, such as a personalized onesie or a baby care package. Your warm wishes and congratulations will surely be appreciated.

Are gender reveal parties only for the first child?

Such parties are not exclusively reserved for the first child. They can be held for any child, whether it’s the first, second, or subsequent child.

Each baby is a unique and special reason to celebrate, and many parents opt to have a gender reveal party for each pregnancy to share the joy and excitement with family and friends.

Can I bring my kids to a gender reveal party?

Whether or not you can bring your children to a gender reveal party depends on the host’s preferences and the nature of the party. It’s advisable to check with the host beforehand to see if the party is kid-friendly.

Some parties may involve activities or elements like fireworks or alcohol, making them more suitable for adults only. Being considerate and confirming with the host ensures a harmonious experience for all guests.

How do I ensure my gift is unique and memorable?

To ensure your gift stands out as unique and memorable, you can consider personalizing it. Personalized baby items, such as a customized onesie, a baby blanket with the baby’s name, or a heartfelt message, make for thoughtful and one-of-a-kind gifts.

Alternatively, you can choose a gift with sentimental value, ensuring that it holds a special place in the parents’ hearts. Remember, it’s the thought and effort you put into your gift that truly makes it unique and memorable.


Attending a gender reveal party is an exciting and heartwarming experience. By following our guide on what to bring, you’ll be well-prepared to make a meaningful contribution to the celebration. Remember, it’s all about sharing in the joy of the parents-to-be and creating lasting memories!


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